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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Standing on her feet

I am standing on my legs..:)
This lil girl often surprises us with unexpected moves. Yesterday was one of such days when she suddenly held hands on the couch and pushed up and 'stood on her feet'. I have often noticed that she does things very quickly, works hard to reach her goal, takes all pain and once she achieves what she intended, she remains calm and cool.
Yeah, I should mention one more thing, she has skipped one step which most of the kids do. Crawling..!! She is able to stand on her knees, but looks like she wants to walk as soon as possible. Extremely motivated to walk..!!

Standing by holding the sofa, she looked at me and smiled as if 'Mamma, now I am standing on my legs, kinda of independent'.


  1. She is really quick, at seven months many kids would have just about learned how to sit and crawl. Her determination clearly shows that she takes off after her mom:)

  2. Thanks Rash for the flattery :-P

  3. Salaam, We both are on the same boat, You also have such a cutie pie. Girls are so much fun to be with. Very nice blog and that is going to be a wonderful gift for your Liya. Shes gonna love this blog.
    Bushra Syed from VB:
    Thanks for visiting me.

  4. @ Bushra

    Wassalaam wr wb!

    Many thanks for dropping by. Yeah, it is fun to be with the little angels. I am sure your little one is also another naughty, playful kitty.

    Loves and kisses to her. :)


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