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Friday, May 14, 2010

Liya completed 7 months..

..on 11th of this month. I can't imagine how fast the days flew by. Of course it was an amazing experience looking after her, seeing how she is growing up and learning new things every day.

By now,

- She understands that her mom wearing a scarf means that 'Mom is going out' , so be demanding. It is applicable for any one whom she loves.
- She speaks pappa, thaatha, kakka, vavva
- She knows taste very well, also conveys that 'I don't want anything which is NOT sweet'
- She closes her mouth strongly when she is given mashed rice
- DO NOT try to feed her rice even by adding sweet. She understand the smell and taste of rice.
- She loves steamed apple so much that she opens her mouth really quick if anyone approaches her with apple.

- She knows any one going to Exit door or saying bye is going out. Cry and get into their hand to go out.
- Finds out books/magazines/paper, tear them and put in mouth
- She understands that getting into car means that she is going somewhere so car should not be stopped at any point of time, not even in traffic signals.
- Loves to go to near by park and see the kids playing there.She becomes really excited to see kids.
- She loves mobile phone, laptop, chargers, wires, remotes etc lot more than her toys. These things can make her playful even if she is crying terribly.
- She knows to clap and enjoy clapping with music.
- She says ..'haaaa' if she sees anyone sitting in front of laptop. Interestingly, she knocks on the keyboard and look at the monitor to see the consequence.
- She loves all moving objects, including the ant moving through the floor.
- She understands the meaning of water, apple, rice, bye etc
- She knows how to pull herself out from her baby carrier.
- Her greatest learning so far is she learned to change 'gear' of our car. She is extremely happy to help her dad with driving. As soon as she gets into car, she ensures that no one except she has hand on gear and moves her hand up and down..:)

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  1. I loved this post, she will really enjoy reading this one when she grows up :)


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