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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Liya learns to clap

Liya learned to clap yesterday midnight. She woke up at 11.30 and started clapping. Till then she didn't know how to bring both hands together and clap. She love to bang on her toys with both hands, but clapping was a brand new activity from her. We were happy that she has learned a new activity. Good. But she wanted to practice it and continued practicing for another half an hour. And the result: we slept very late yesterday..:)

I wonder why kids learn new things in the middle of night when the whole day is there for them nothing to do other than playing!!


  1. Because, day time most of the parents are busy with their works, we did not take a deep look which what she is trying to do ? what is trying to say ? what is trying to make ?
    we should take care at every instant on earler stage .
    We should motivate, when baby trying to do somthing new.....
    have a great long life....
    take care

  2. Thanks Shihab for dropping by..
    Yes, I agree with you! But the fact is that most of the parents actually tries to pay as much as attention they can on their kids.There are things which keeps parents engaged doesn't mean that they are ignoring kids..:)


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