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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Liya @ one

Sweet little Liya,

Today you completed ONE year in this world; an year which just passed like a day. We never knew that one year is such a short period until you came to our life with tons of love and naughtiness... and life has not been the same since. You filled our life with new joy and we miss you the moments we are away from you or even the moments you fall asleep. We thanked Almighty Allah for showering His abundant blessing upon us, in the form of you too. We shall be thankful to him throughout our life.

We still remember seeing your face for the first time, you were such an adorable, active, smart doll..

We never knew how our weekends and holidays passed by when you were around, were just not enough to watch you playing and growing. You are too demanding that we have to plan everything on your comfort, but we did enjoy that too. Your mischievous looks, smiles and activities make our day blissful.

You were too awesome and never troubled us with 'sleepless nights'.. We guess all parents would have at least experienced one 'sleepless night' because their baby was cranky, but you never let us. You were always been a cheerful girl and never been a cry baby.

Even though you wanted our attention on you always, you were able to concentrate and spent lot of time in exploring the world around you too (without intervening in our work).

Being your mom, I never knew how difficult is to feed a baby, you were really calm while eating too. I NEVER had to walk around, show you hundred things to draw your attention and push food to your mouth. You are just awesome.

Being your mom, I cried in my heart when your were given each vaccination, but you were able to manage them well... and forget pain really fast..

You taught us to look at every tiny thing with a curiosity..You made us realize that there are lots of things in the world which we never knew.. :)

Yes, you are a Pappa girl from very beginning. But we know you love your mom too.. :)

We love you so much...!!


  1. Gorgeous little girl, life with children gets better and better. When they come to you for cuddles and say "I Love You", make your presents, pick you flowers. Enjoy


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