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Friday, September 17, 2010

Story of an Iftar party and late night drive..

My parents say, I'm growing naughty day by day. I believe I have to ... :) After all I'm growing up and so I'm exploring, learning and experimenting with everything around me.

Ok let me come to the point. I'm here to talk you about the first Iftar party (breaking fast during ramdan) I ever attended in my life time. It was at my dad's friend, Thaha uncle's place on the 3rd day of this Ramdan. His house is almost 25 Kms away from my place which is called Madinaguda.

My dad, mom and myself started to their house bit early and reached there by 4.00 in the evening. There were so many aunties and uncles all fall in my dad's friends circle and which is something I don't like much- I mean I don't like to be in a crowd. But there few other things in which I was interested. Thaha uncle has a baby boy which is 4 months younger than me and few other kids- some are younger and some are older to me. I love to be among the circle of 'babies'. I love to look at the elder kids and I wonder how they run and jump that fast!!. I love kids younger than me too. I consider them like moving toys - and so I love to push their hair, scratch on their eyes...and hug them as I hug my teddy bear..:) Do you think I'm naughty..?? I'm just expressing my love and care, isn't it???

It was very late when the party was over, we met lot of friends, and had a great time with them!!

It was almost 9.00 pm when we decided to drive back home. Even though I love to travel by car, usually I get bored after some time as I have nothing to do. But I hate night travels because I can't see anything if I look outside apart from the penetrating head lights from vehicles.

Usually, during long travels my parents install my baby car seater and buckle me inside, which I too love because I get enough 'freedom' to move and sleep. My mom buckled me in the seater and I was all silent and obedient for 5 minutes. Lying in the seater, looking at the dark sky made me bored soon and I began to push my hip to get out of the seater. My mom watched me for some time and finally, took me out and placed on her lap.

Sitting in her lap, I could see some vehicles outside and it was drizzling slightly. But that was again boring after few minutes and that is when I noticed that my Pappa is sitting in the front seat and driving. Why can't I push myself there??

I began to cry but he did not stop the car. Sooner the cry turned into screaming and I started pushing my mom off and getting into floor. Thats when my dad stopped the car and took me in his hands. I stopped crying. But it was night and was not a good time to wait in the road side. Saying the same, he handed me over to my mom and started the car.

I did not like this at all. I 're-started' my screaming and other related 'activities'. Why didn't these people understand that all I wanted was to stay in my dad's lap and play with him?

They had no way, so stopped the car. They waited for some time, but I did not give up. Finally, my mom drove the car, I sat peacefully in my dad's lap watching my mom's driving. They were a bit scared as she did not drive during night hours for so many months.

Alhamdulillah (thanks to god) we reached home safely. I was peaceful and secure in my dad's arms.

So, what do you think? Isn't it a good start before I open my bag of naughtiness?

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