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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Liya completes 10 months on planet earth!

She turned 10 months last week and following are her latest activities.

1) She understands everything you tell her. If you refer to her naughty activities while talking to a third person she cries or shows her dislike.

2) She stands without holding for long time, but afraid to put her feet forward.

3) She understands Urdu as much as she understands Malayalam.

4) She picks up gestures faster than words.

5) If you ask her 'How Liya eats Maamu (food) or banana or egg' she shows it by continuously opening and closing her lips. Even while crying she will happily show you that.

6) She knows how a doggy cries, that is 'baaaaooow, baaaaooow'

7) If you ask in Urdu what her name is she replies 'Liya'.

8) Too naughty these days, doesn't let me enter kitchen. She doesn't care if I do any other job, other than entering kitchen.

9) She is very much passionate about Laptops, and throws her toys away the moment she sees myself/her pappa sitting in front of it. I should mention that she loves playing on its keyboard and track pads as well. My hubby and myself often find that we have lots of files on the machine renamed with weird strings like "++==-- ". Of course she is the culprit.

10) She knows to turn on her Pappa's laptop, the moment she sees Password prompt she pushes our hands and types in her junk strings. Goes crazy if we doesn't allow her.

11) She claps her hands if any one sings the rhyme "clap your hands.." for her. She knows the gestures for "..listen to the music" as well.

12) She plays really well with ball and just loves doing the same. Only thing is that you should use Urdu words while playing with her.

13) Words that she says are "vaa (malayalam- come), aaja(urdu- come), jaa (go), entha (what- malayalam), tha (give- malayalam), poovaa (lets go- Malayalam), du-du (milk- urdu), athu (that - Malayalam)", Ball etc

14) She understand the meaning of NO.

15) Before bed time, I get her bathed and dressed in her night suites. The next moment she says "Poova", means let's go. She things that that is the time to get out of home..:)

16) She imitates anything and everything we do.

17) These days her main activity is putting things in a container and taking them back. So whenever I am busy at kitchen I give her few onions or potatoes and a vessel. She keeps exploring by putting each into the vessel.

18) She is trying to have food with her hands. Grabbing food from our plate, trying to grab food items using spoon etc.

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