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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apple is to eat!

As I mentioned in my previous post, one thing Liya liked during our trip to Kerala was playing with her cousin Diya who will turn 4 in coming Oct. Liya giggled for each gesture or action performed by Diya to please her.

One thing I observed was Liya was trying to imitate her for everything. Whenever Liya was cranky and throws away her toys and if I am busy with some urgent work, I give her a tomato or apple or Mosambi to play with. She suddenly turns calm and roll it through the floor. Back at home, I gave Diya an apple to eat and Liya an apple to play with. After sometime I observed that Liya is trying to bite the apple with her tiny teeth, the girl who doesn't mouth anything otherwise!

To my surprise I saw that Diya sitting next to her and biting her apple, this lil girl was trying to imitate her hardly.

We got back home and after that I keep noticing that whenever I give an apple or anything similar to apple (like tomato), she bites with her tiny teeth. Recently she succeded in making a small wound in a tomato I gave her to play with!

Kids learn things and stays that in their memory when they are with other kids, I guess.

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