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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 1 in Buffalo

The day one was much better than I anticipated. Liya was kind of tired due to travel and jet lag. She did not like the sudden change in her sleeping, playing and eating timings. The climate was suddenly gone bad and had fallen into -3 to -5 range.

J's friends (Amit and Mansoor) took us to Walmart  for our quick shoppings and then we went to rent a car. Liya did not seem to be comfortable in her new car seat. She was crying terribly. Amit had to park car many times in between the travel. Looks like she was caught by jetlag badly.

We came back home and she slept through the day. We were staying in Residency Inn which is a hotel comes under the Marriot network. That is a good place to stay, we had a good suit room, with a bed room, kitchen and living room. The room was too crowded with beautiful furnitures so that Liya got very little place to play around.

Apart from that she enjoyed our stay in marriot. We were there for three weeks. Almost everyday we spent more than half an hour in their lobby. She enjoyed walking over there.

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