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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trip to US- Part 6: Reaching Buffalo

At last, the long awaited boarding for our flight to Buffalo announced. It was so relieving, as we were all tired and were simply sitting in the Dulles airport. The flight was too small, I could hardly walk inside. Felt like my head might hit the roof. Liya was getting irritated in the small flight. I think, domestic flights in India are much better and are heaven compared to this 'match box' like airbus. It was almost an hour journey and we landed Buffalo safely. The airport is not very big, but very beautiful and hygienic.
This is the main airport nearby Naigara falls and hence this is one of the popular one in New York state.

Our bags which came much before us (in the 5 o'clock flight) were waiting for our arrival. As soon as we got out, Buffalo weather hit us. It was too cold outside and Liya's cheeks immediately turned red. We reached Residency Inn (which falls in Marriot hotels network)in another 10-15 minutes. We including Liya slept peacefully through night.

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