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Saturday, November 27, 2010

First snow fall ever

Today Liya and I watched snow fall for the first time ever in our life. It is really beautiful, words, photos or even videos can never tell you how beautiful it is. Indeed a wonderful experience. One should 'experience' it to know the beauty and beast in it. The greenish lawns, roads, steps, pathways, withered trees...all turned white in few minutes.

Photos just before snow fall
We both watched the light fall for some time and I went to make a coffee, thought it would be great to watch snow shower along with a dark coffee. By the time I was back with coffee, I could hardly see anything outside- only white, white, white and nothing else- it was a wonderful magic of nature showed in few minutes.

Photos just after snow fall

J and friends were in Masjid for Jumua. When stepped out, they were surprised to see the surronding turned white and car covered with snow flakes, while everything was normal when they stepped in. They had to buy a snow brush and cleaning foam on the way.

Liya watching first snow fall

It was a beautiful day, Liya spent almost all the day near the window, so many people were playing in the first snow heap. The 'cleaning' vehicles were running all over the road, pushing snow flakes off from the road and getting it ready for vehicles to move on. Looks like this is the beginning of 'black and white' months. Liya was shouting with excitement and never knew that 'hibernation' time is up and coming few months are 'meant' to be inside home!

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