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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Updates: 14 months

Liya is on her 14 th month now. I guess, after 1 till 3 is the most crucial time in one baby's and her/his parent's life. Its amazing to watch a toddler, but equally dangerous if your eyes fall away from them for a while. They are really quick, faster that light sometimes..:)

As I work remotely nowadays, I get enough time to watch Liya- the way she learns, explores, decides and implement her actions. Seems like she has grown up all of sudden.

Below are few interesting things I noticed in this month.

1) She is trying to be as independent as she can! She eats almost everything with her hand, and doesn't much like if I give anything on her mouth. She tries to wear her dress, diapers etc alone but she is yet to learn that.

2) She likes to organize things. She is very strict about the cordless receiver to rest on it's charger if no one talks on it. She rushes with the receiver to its base and shakes her body and points towards to the base, of course asking me to place it over! She is very conscious about the mobile phones being charged, if we don't do it, she just go ahead and plug the wire to mobile.

Whenever I work on laptops, she ensures that I have plugged in my laptop charger, otherwise she only plugs it in and cries if I refuse to do. Hmm.. I must say that she knows the exact place to plug in the MAC.

3) Day by day she is growing very naughty and obstinate too. If she decides something in her mind, she ensures that it is getting done, no matter whatever happens. If you try to deviate her attention for even hours she will enjoy, then come back and start crying as if "ooops I was crying for something and these people deviated it.. I should start it again.."

4) She started speaking quite few words by now. Shoe, Vellam(Malayalam for Water), tatta (Mutta in Malayalam for egg), paattu (song in Malayalam), star, apple, snow, spoon etc etc..

5) By now she knows that wearing good dress doesn't always mean that we are going out, but wearing shoe and jacket indeed! So just tell her, let's wear shoe then she will peacefully let you dress her up!

6) She loves playing with children. She has a friend Ayan, he is a month younger to her. She loves playing with him provided she will not let him touch any of her toys, and she will definitely keep all his toys in her hand, and will not let him touch them too. Fortunately, he is not much interested in toys and such stuffs. Still, they often fight for few toys like balls which both of them are equally interested.

I wonder how possessive this girl is! Now I learned that possessiveness and all such behaviors are not something we learned over time or not even from experiences we come across, all these are achieved born, but circumstances forces them to come out!

Of course I am a bit worried about her selfishness. I hope she will not have that any more once she grows up!

7) She is a cleanliness freak! She cleans the tables, chairs, glasses etc whenever she get some water in her hand/even using the water from her sipper cups. She wants the floor to be clean and neat always, if any food items fall off in the floor, she screams at me which means that clean it immediately. She even points to vacuum cleaner, as she knows that it is not me but vacuum cleaner does the job.

8) She gives extra care to her plates, spoons, cups etc. Whenever I put them in the dish washer, she takes them off and runs. When I fold dress, she takes out her dress and never let me touch those. She tries to fold them in the similar way how I do.

9) The most interesting part is that she learned dancing well. Knows different steps. She lifts her hands up and turn in a circle. She end up in the floor after 2-3 turns, must be feeling dizziness, but never gives up.

10) She loves walking backward, and in a circle too! I should say that she doesn't actually walk, but runs.

11) Whenever I tell her that I am going for namaz (prayer) next moment she will be ready with my namaz dress in her hand say 'mamma, mamma'..So sweet masha allah!

12) The most recent item is she calls her Pappa by his name. I don't know how did she learn that, but she calls him often 'Jazeel' especially when she is angry.

13) We recently bought few books for her. All of them having colorful pictures and illustrations. She loves reading the book. She turns the pages and seriously reads ' ava, aya, appa.vava...'. Interestingly she identifies lot of things she sees in everyday life and relate with images.

14) Once we showed her by counting the chappati balls.. onnne, rande, moonne... (one, two, three), now whenever she sees chappati balls she will start 'onne, nne, nnne...'

15) She quite comfortably sits in her baby car seat.

16) When we are out for shopping, she fills the cart with her stuffs, mostly small dubbas, dolls, toys etc. Moving into food section with her has been a nightmare for me. She will definitely cry by seeing Apples, bananas etc because she will need to eat them right then!

17) She talks over phone when nobody is there on there on the other side. She keeps phone on her right ear and support with shoulder and leaves her hands free and with all difficulty she tries to do something (picking books, handling toys etc) with her free hands. This is how my husband or I often do when we are busy with some other work while talking over phone.

Little girl has mistaken that this is how one should make phone calls.

18) She owns a cute puppy toy, which Geeta gifted right before leaving India! For her the toy is like her baby, she feeds the puppy, make it sleep, sings for it, massages its body...she hugs and kisses with loads of love. She sometimes sleeps by holding it closer to her body.

19) Her actions are amazingly quick! She never sits idle.. always keeps moving, pushing and banging things together.

20) She can eat a banana alone. I just need to remove the skin part by part as she eats. She will be done with it in 5 minutes.

21) She knows that saying ' Good girl' is a complement and whenever she does something which deserves a good girl, she looks at my face with all happiness to hear 'good girl..'. She bangs on her tummy to say that 'i am that good girl..'

22) She identifies points if you ask her 'where is Liya's head/hair, nose, ears, teeth and tummy'.

23) She brushes her teeth alone, doesn't like me brushing her teeth. Of course we are having a fight over it on every morning!

24) She loves stirring food with a spoon or fork. She even insists that she wanna stir while I cook food/ she is 'ready' to turn chapattis..:)


  1. nice :) , i guess you should continue writing on her till she can read :)

  2. Hi Nishana .... this is Monika (HSBC) ... just before few hours I got this link .... I could not stop reading about Liya and her activities .... Its really great .... I agree with the previous comment that you should continue this :-) She will be proud to be your daughter. God Bless Liya with all the happiness.


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