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Thursday, December 30, 2010

First hair styling..!

Liya had her head baring many times in a years time. As I mentioned earlier, the first one was precisely on 7th day of her birth, according to Islamic teaching. She doesn't have a dense strong hair pattern. It is kinda of sparse and feeble. I have done quite lot of experiments on her hair, to make it lustrous and bushy- but did not succeed so far. In rural India, it is a common belief that if you shave off baby's hair it grows thicker, but there is no scientific evidence to support this  OR no doctors agree to this myth either.
Memoir for first hair cut!
Okay, what I have been talking about is a different thing. It was when her hair grown curly with an unkempt appearance, I decided to take her for hair styling. I know it is such a tough task to style the hair of a grouchy toddler and hence spent lot of time in searching and finalizing a specialized hair stylist for kids.

We took Liya to 'Kiddie Cuts and More' on 24 Dec '10. It was a beautiful saloon, well equipped with all necessary things to calm any kid. They had different types of chairs for all age groups, numerous CDs, video cassettes, play area, toys etc. I was impressed by the elegant ambiance.

Miss Janet is a talented stylist who managed to trim her hair neatly. I was asked if she was having a first hair cut- I said yes as it is the first 'cut'. Earlier ones were not 'cuts' but shavings and were done when she was too small and immobile beyond clutches.

I did not know that first hair cut is kind of auspicious occasion over here as many of them do not pare kid's hair until one. As expected, Liya made lots of trouble, she did refuse to sit in my lap and was comfortable sitting on J's lap. :(

She did not like the idea of bribing her with cartoon CDs. She wobbled, kicked on Janet's tommy, screamed, pushed off the scissors, but Ms Janet still gave her a nice hair cut.

Ms Janet signed a memoir (shown in pic) saying 'Liya did great for a first time' and pasted a pinch of her hair on it.

This hair cut cost  $16! That sounds really expensive, isn't it?


  1. Hi Liya ,
    like your smile.
    how you looks with your new hair style....good..naa?

  2. Well my dear, we have the same ideas where I'm from and hubby where he's from, ha ha ha. I can see Liya has fine hair, but time will tell. Rainbow is a boy, I try not to fuss too much about it.

    $16...it depends...did you get good treatment? Most people don't know how to deal with babies and younger children. I wouldn't want Liya to be scarred for life because of incompetence if you know what I mean...it happened to my Amira, and now she hates doing anything with her hair.

    That was very nice of her to give her certificate (it's cute idea).

  3. Salam sis (again), do you and Liya want to join in our reading club. It's not really a club per se...we choose books and stories and post about them once a week.

    I would be happy if you both did...I hope to choose online stories that are free and interactive...any thoughts ???

  4. Wow.. :) datz so sweet.. and nice memoir:) :)

  5. Are they serios? My 2 posts are gone...gone forever...hmm.

    I was saying that it was anice gesture from the hairstylist to reach out to Liya as it is very important memory...the cost is worth it.

    2nd...I was asking if you and Liya would like to participate in our reading club. Thjere's no real time commitment, since we all read to our kids anyway, and we will all just find a day to post about our experience with the story (from the child's point of view of course).

    We will find online stories etc, so it's free, and we can use library books etc. You can email me at letterstoherroom@gmail.com

    Thnx and take care.

  6. Chruvaadi- Many thanx for your visit and comments.
    Madhumathi- glad that u r may regular reader!
    Salma, yes some major make over in blogger, it was down for almost a day and all posts and comments posted in few hours just before that got deleted.:(

    And regarding the matter you told, it sounds interesting. Could your please drop me the details- how you are gonna take this forward. I guess I need some more details on this. Please go to contact page in this blog and drop a mail. Thanks again for the including me in such an innovative initiative. May Allah bless you all!


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