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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Liya gets new books!

It's been long since I started searching for few good books for Liya. Yes, I know it is not yet the time for her to read or write. But I believe that early baby books play a part in building their curiosity and interest towards books. I do not like her sitting in front of TV. So absolutely no TV shows for her including kids channels. I have seen debates going on saying few channels/programs are good for children. But there are lot of researches proving that watching TV/Computer makes kids (especially below 3) inactive and badly affects their concentration level too. But yes, she watches rhymes etc in my laptop, but not more than half an hour in a day.

It was actually a tough job finding few good books with attractive pictures. I did not want her to actually 'study', but I thought it might help her easily relate things she sees around/sometimes help to recognize things which she sees for first time.

My another aim in buying book was that, she started speaking words, but I don't have much things around me to show her and tell "this is cat, that is crow.." . Moreover, she is not able to go out and play around, or not even get much chance to interact with people due to the snowy weather in Buffalo. I thought it might be a good way for her to start learning few words.

I have searched in lots of stores, online shopping sites etc, but could not find anything which I was looking for. Most of the books were having illustration of the surrounding of a story, none of the images appeared realistic for a 15 month old girl. The books tagged 'babies first book, for 8-9 months old' etc did not seem to make any sense for kids in that age.

But I should say in India you can find a lot of such books, which come with colorful photographs which kids love to look at and play with. Finally I was able to find few books for her. Those are few board books, with good photographs.

I should say that Liya simply loved them. One multicolored book is her favorite. She carried it on her hand all the time. She rushed to get it whenever I asked (of course to deviate her from naughty things/whenever she cries) where is Liya's book! One day I just showed by pointing my finger and saying 'apple, orange, baby etc'..just for fun, but since then she started turning pages and saying 'appa, avvam ayya, vavva etc etc'.
To my wonder she easily recognized lot of things without we teaching her, for those she said the actual word,and rest she named in her language. If we ask her few words she happily shows their picture too. For example if I ask for shoe, apple, baby, egg, giraffe, car, spoon etc..

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