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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dancing doll..

Liya has been quite selective and stubborn in many things she comes across. The main thing is songs. She loves listening to songs so much..I have downloaded lots of rhymes for her. Apart from rhymes she loves few Malayalam film songs too.

She doesn't like all the songs. She bangs on the laptop to show her hatred or waves her hands in a refusing manner, which indicates that we should change the song immediately.

Her all time favorite song is Olathumbathirunnu... from movie Pappayude Swantham Appoose... and Annara Kanna Vaa from Bhramaram. She doesn't like songs with very light music... doesn't like the rocking music either..

Once I saw her dancing in a circle by holding her left hand upward and right hand downward, I was really astonished by knowing the fact that I have never danced in my life... and never showed her either.. Over days she started banging on her hip..and few finger movements etc... and it took some time for me to realize that she was doing all these steps by seeing Shobana dancing in the song Olathumbathirunnu..!

She sits all silent listening to songs. If she suddenly turns to make noise, which indicates that the song has reached almost to the end!!

She knows very well when her favorite songs end.

Sometimes, she screams saying.. paattu.. and I often fail to distract her by showing something else..She might have screamed by keeping some particular song in her mind... and she is too small to tell me which song exactly she wants. So then my duty starts... changing songs one by one till her face sparks with happiness and her legs moves in dancing steps!

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