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Friday, January 14, 2011

Liya and Ayan

Liya got a friend here in Buffalo- Ayan. He is a month younger to her, belongs to Hyderabad and lives in the same community where we stay. Both are happy to be together...

We get together almost all weekends. It is fun watching both of them together. He is a typical boy character, doesn't like toys much....turn his head if you give him a doll... his main job is jumping over sofa.. chair.. taking keys out from laptops..etc etc.. Liya loves toys but not all of them. There are lots of toys she didn't even want to see. But if Ayan takes them in his hands (out of curiosity as he sees something new) she comes running with her 'big' eyes bulging out (in anger), with her hands waving and shaking her head (to show her objection) and pulls the toy from his hand and keep it in a safer place (mostly her pappa's lap).

She does the same with his toys too! She never let him play with his toys. Even though he doesn't like them much, he feels a small interest when Liya starts play with them!

When we parents get into serious discussions, leaving kids in their world, sometimes they end up fighting over toys and falling down too! Most of the times, Liya is the once who starts fighting, and he gives up after sometime (may be thinking, poor girl..!!!).

But I must say that, both of them love each other too. They hug each other and kiss on cheeks and fall down all the time as both of them can not balance, after they hug! Then both will scream out.. This happens every time we meet!

If Ayan's mom gives one biscuit to Liya and another one to Ayan, she eats her one really fast and grabs his one from his hand and eats..!!

How possessive this girl has become! Sometimes, I console myself, 'this may be because she understands 'her own' stuffs pretty faster and would learn the art of sharing as she grows up'!

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