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Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning Style..

It is very interesting to observe Liya and how she learns new things everyday. I am sure this would be the case with every parent. The way kids associate things are really amazing. Months back, when we were in Hyd, she got to see lots of pet dogs walking through the road. She loved to look at them from balcony, and since then she started linking any creature other than human being as 'baabow'. When she got to see hen, goat, cats etc from our home in Kerala, she love to run behind them saying .. 'baabow..:)

Recently, when she was given few picture books, I spent time with her watching what she does with it. As she turned pages, she could recognize apple, banana etc. But most interesting thing was how she identified shoe.

In the pic, even though there was a beautiful 'dress shoe' on the left top corner and a pair of sneakers on the right middle line, she did not recognize them as shoe for first few days. Instead she pointed her finger towards the feet of the bear with umbrella (on the left bottom corner) and told me 'mamma' 'suuu..' :) Yes, for her what she wear on her feet was shoe. Another interesting thing was she does have one pair very similar to the sneaker in the pic!

Also, whenever she was given a banana to eat she runs to take the book and points to the picture of banana in the book and laughs in happiness!

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