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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updates- 16 months

It's been 16 months since our little girl became a part of us. Now I find it harder to recall how did we live the days before she was born. She makes my day eventful, giving me no free time. She is growing up really fast, picking up words and trying to make sentences out of it. Those sentences turn out to be really funny that only she knows what she actually meant. Below are her recent activities:

- She picked up bunch of new words by now. Few of the new words are- chappappa (chappathi), juice, fuaaf (giraffe), car, brush, baby, busy, taptap (laptop), bus, push push (her push toy), no no, chat, thathatha.. (good girl), bath, shababa (swaba liyan- her full name),dates, guava, carrot, cat, dog, ice, dathatha (jacket), pomatta (pomegranate)...

- She loves spending time with her books. She usually loses interest on any toy after a day or two. Fortunately, books don't fall in that category. Every time she sees her picture books, she gets excited and reads out with all enthusiasm.

- She learned many expressions and gestures which she take out in the right moment and make her look like the real naughty pie.

- She loves chatting. Chatting with family is like a show off time for her. She even understand the 'ring' in the laptop while video chat is invited. She runs to laptop saying 'chat'. Next, she runs here and there to get her toys, dress, shoes etc to show at home. She also begins to dance, sing etc without any instruction as if she knows that these are things she would be asked to do.

- She sings few songs. If you ask her to sing, she will start..baa baa.. then she creates her own lines.

- She loves to be a part while preparing chapatis for dinner. The moment we ask her 'lets make chapati' she will point to dabba where I keep wheat flour. Then she will show each step to be done, we should follow as per her instructions, otherwise she will get angry. Fortunately, she knows what to do properly.

- She identifies her nose, teeth, hair, hand, leg etc.

- She now does Namaz and dua very well. She knows almost all the steps. She insists that she needs a mat to pray on. She puts mat nears to ours and do prayer with us. Masha -allah! After namaz she jumps to my lap to do dua.

- She shouts at me if I do anything which she doesn't like.

- She has not been very social so far. But I must say that she is improving. Other day, when we went to SSN office, she was walking all around and pushed one American lady and laughed at them.

- She waves at any one walking through the road saying 'bye bye'. Hence her favorite time passing activity is sitting on the table and looking through the window.

- She loves beef and chicken like anything- [hmm, after all she is from Malabar]. She licks her lips and my fingers to ensure that not even a drop of beef curry is left on my fingers.

- If any food items fall on the floor, she brings the broom and dustpan and often tries to clean it. If she can't she will insist that I must do it immediately.

- She learned to push chair and make her way to reach on the table.

- If she is told that we are going out, she not only brings her shoes and jacket, but also ensures that her pappa's and mamma's shoes are brought and worn. So sweet of her..:)

- Once we are back to home, she places her pair of shoes on the rack, where I keep her shoes. She finds some place and keeps mine also along with those.

- She loves going out and walking independently in the shopping malls, masjids etc.

- If she sees her photo anywhere, she will identify it as "Liya".

- Once we finish eating, she brings each plate, glass etc to kitchen area, and wait for a 'good girl' appreciation.

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