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Friday, February 25, 2011

Interesting facts about a toddler

They wobble. When they giggle, there is magic. But, there is also the ride you may go on from time to time as they begin to define who they are. They have opinions. They have feelings. They find their own voice.

Following are few interesting things I noticed about my little angel. I guess this is the case with each toddler:

1) Never give up- Look at the babies, how many times they fall and get hurt while they try to walk, but do they ever give up? No, rather they make each failure as the stepping into their ultimate aim- walking and running.

2) Learn, explore, unlearn and re-learn- They are very curious and hence they keep exploring and learning. They just can not sit idle even for a minute. I think every toddler make sure that his/her each second is counted.

3) Observant- Never underestimate a toddler. He/she can observe things much much efficiently than you ever thought of. Hence ensure that they live in a pleasant surrounding, because kids ultimately learn skills from there.

Little Liya, used to curiously watch when I work on laptop. Now she knows to use mouse, track pad etc. When her fav rhyme ends, she either uses mouse or trackpad to replay it.

4) Appreciate: Appreciate each and everything they do right. Encourage them- they will do wonders. They can quickly understand what are the things which would get them an appreciation and would love doing it.


  1. These are some very good traits that we, as adults, could stand to have again. I don't know why we lose these things - but we could learn a lot by being like a toddler :)

  2. True True...and it gets worse. They become teens, lol.


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