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Monday, February 1, 2010

Calicut -->> Bangalore

Liya was 3 months and 4 days old, when we decided to travel back to Hyderabad, where both myself and her dad live and work. I had already got back to work after my maternity leave. We decided to drive down to Hyderabad, from Kerala. Of course it was a tough decision as the road distance was almost 1000 Kms. We believed that we can take frequent breaks while traveling and which would make her more comfortable.

We started our journey early morning 6.00 am on 16th Jan '10. She was quite sleepy, but I managed to get her bathed and dressed in her traveling suit. I wonder how happy and excited she should have been if she was able to understand that she was to start a long journey, crossing 2 states. She is too young to watch and enjoy the mind-blowing sceneries, three states of the country she was traveling through in 2 days, and the change in language, culture, habits, food...

She had nothing to worry about..nothing to watch or enjoy other than sleeping and having her tiny tommy full of milk whenever hungry..

I was bit worried about the days coming by. The thought about the travel itself was challenging for me. I was concerned about the cold climate and one night stay in Blore, the usually dry climate in Hyd, but tried hard to keep away from such thoughts and hoped for all goodness. I did whatever I need to do from my end and left rest to Almighty God.

Of course we had a great journey from Kerala to Hyderabad.

We were 5 including Liya, her grand parents, her dad and myself. We had packed our break fast and lunch which we had on the way during our small breaks. She was quite comfortable with baby car seater which saved her from the numerous dips and diversions on Kerala roads. I was happy that nobody announced any quick hartals or bands till we cross the state. I am ashamed to say, but we Keralites are used to those really quick, unexpected hartals for silly reasons. I have read somewhere that there was an hartal against frequent hartals in Kerala.. :)

While you travel from Calicut to Bangalore, you will definitely have to cross Sathamangalam forest which was once the land of 'great legend, the teak wood theif' Veerappan. Kerala - Karnataka border lies somewhere in this forest. The forest is rich of Teak woods. If government were to use all these woods, of course our state would have been really rich and Secretariat would never have heard the words 'Debt, world bank' etc. Unfortunately, even-though these are owned and 'numbered' by Government, I believe that these have been utilized by so called 'political' thieves.

While traveling through this road, I had seen lot of animals or birds like deer, elephant, peacocks coming out from forest and crossing the road. Unfortunately, this time I didn't see even a single one.. :(

Night travel through this road is now banned by Govt of Karnataka, as they claim that lots of wild animals are getting killed by vehicles, especially late nights.

We reached Bagalore by 5.00 in the evening. We were warm welcomed by our beloved family friend, Fazal uncle and his family for a night stay with them.

Liya didn't trouble us. She reminded as the same calm,cool, cute little girl throughout the travel.

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