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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Updates: first three months

This is how she passed her major milestones.

First Month:
- She smiled at me for first time ever on 28th day of her birth.
- She lifted her head while we pushed her on tummy.
- She responded to sound: any small sound made is alert and she quickly turned her head.
- She was able to turn her head in both direction while laying on back
- She made lots of cooing and noise.


Second Month:

- She started moving in a circle by pushing her hip (laying on back) and pressing her feet downwards. She loved doing this very often.
- She is very active by now
- Began to turn toward sides as the first part of rolling over
- Began to laugh

Third Month:

- She rolled over for first time ever on 9th Jan 2010, and she was 90 days old by then.
- Started recognizing me and my voice as well
- She was able to bring her hand together and play

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