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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A night at Bangalore!

Well, I hope you have already read my mom's writing about our trip till Bangalore. We reached Fazal uncle's house in the evening. The climate was too good there. I should say it was really cold and such an awesome climate was something really new to me. 

                                         With Nehan

Feroz uncle's son Nehan and daughter Aysha (4 months older than me) were there. Nehan stayed with me for long time, he tried to make me smile, he brought all his toys near me and played for me.. he was so happy to have me there. I was happy too. At night he cried saying 'i will sleep near baby..'.:) So sweet of him!

Aysha the calm and cute lil girl was crawling around the house. We both were too young to play together. She looked and smiled at everyone who calls her 'Aysha'.
Everyone at the house was so sweet to us. They had prepared an awesome dinner which included Ghee rice, chicken curries, parota etc.

Had a sound sleep even-though it was very cold outside. We had to start early from Blore. Yes, we were heading to the City of Pearls. We got ready by six. Nehan was awake but Aysha was still asleep. When we were about to start out trip Nehan started crying, he wanted to come with us. It was so painful to see his crying face and leave. But we had no other option.

Everyone consoled him saying ' baby will come again, insha allah'!

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