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Monday, July 11, 2011

At NYC : Part 1

Pappa and girl in the shuttle
We took an early morning flight to JFK . Liya was little cranky as she was waken up too early and was given a shower. But she was all happy and thrilled as she was dressed up. We parked our car in the airport parking lot. It is around 1 mile away from airport. They offer free shuttle service to airport, so commuting was quite comfortable.
We landed JFK airport by 8.30 am. Liya was all peaceful and enjoyed her 'flight'. She killed her time by browsing through the TV screen in front of her; at times she watched cartoons as well. She conveyed 'Hi, bye, see you etc' to the passengers, entertained few of them with naughty deeds.

 What was the funniest part of flying? she did not like that her stroller and sip-up cup were sent through the Xray scanner. She screamed and created hell lot of mess. The security officer tried to console her. He quickly took it out and let her get back in her stroller. She did not let us leave her stroller while getting into flight as well. She enjoyed seeing so many a-planes (air plane) and did not understand the fact the she is actually  'sitting' in an air plane. Her understanding on air plane was 'something which flies through sky', did not know that 'she can get inside and fly'...lol!

We took a cab to Manhattan. Caution- JFK to Manhattan cabs are very expensive, they take a flat rate of 45$ excluding 'tip' etc. Sometimes, it may exceed 45$. If you drive down from JFK to Manhattan, you will pass through a tube tunnel - I guess it is Queens-Midtown tunnel, which is 6,414 feet long. Crossing though the twin tube was a nice experience. Later I heard that it is built under the river, so you would be passing beneath Hudson river.

Like I mentioned earlier, we had booked newyork pass and received it via post. However, we had to stop by their office and pick up the vouchers for hop on hop off bus. There were no ways to get this by post  because they print the start and end time of but tour (48 hrs) on the ticket when you pick it up.  The bus ticket is different from NYpass. The only advantage of getting the pass shipped is that, you will get a very 'handy' city tour guide book, which will help you get an idea on the places you gonna visit and hence you will be able to plan your trip more wisely . The pass was similar to a debit card which you swipe and get admission from the ticketing counter of the particular attraction.
We got our bus tickets and boarded the bus a bit away from their office. It was an open sightseeing bus. Firslty, we headed towards Empire State building.

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  1. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog at Atlanta Military Mom! I am now following you back via GFC! :)

    NYC is one of the places on my MUST VISIT list!! I want to go so bad! I hope you guys had a GREAT trip!

    Oh, and I am your 100th follower! :)

  2. AMM, I would strongly reocommand you to visit the place at least once. Yes, we had a great trip, came back with lots of unforgettable memories.

    Wow, you are my 100th follower..:)


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