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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book of the week ~ Let's Count

Let's Count
Another Wednesday is here! This time we are not sharing a story but for a change we were COUNTING.. :)
We are 'learning' to count via different means, we count 1,2,3... as we take steps to our home, we count as we 'swing' on our favorite baby swing in the park, we count everything we come across in a group. This is Liya's first 'counting' book and let's see the details.

Mommy thoughts...? The book is designed by Tana Hoban, not an illustration oriented approach but real time photographs are being used to teach 'COUNTING'. The photographs are engaging, unambiguous and stimulating a fruitful understanding and learning. Interestingly, 16-19, 21-29, etc are not included. It counts from 1-15, then 20, 30, 50, and 100. But yes, it builds curiosity in children as 100 similar objects are shown which are distinguishable from each other, to understand and count.

The disadvantage I felt were one) This book is not handy for toddlers as it's 'bigger and longer' than usual. Second) I could not find a board book version in the library.

Liya's take...? She learned to count up to 7-8. She loves spending time on this book and count up to 100.  She not only learned counting but also added few new words to her dictionary like 'drum, holes' etc.

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