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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book of the Week :: One little Two Little Three Little Apples....

Liya was reading another amazing book through the week -"One Little, Two Little, Three Little Apples" by Matt Ringler and Anne Kennedy.

Ten Shiny Apples Ready,
What would you do with fall's fav treat....?

What's it about...?  We all loves eating apples. Don't we? The family (mom, dad, a boy, a girl and their grand pa) is harvesting apples and preparing American's favorite seasonal treat- APPLE PIE (I am not sure about other part of the world, but definitely in India, this tart is not popular at all). While mom and dad prepare it, kids going to play baseball with grandpa, racing to kitchen as they smell the mouthwatering Apple pie. The rhyming goes on, from the counting of the apples to, steps to prepare apple pie, to the other happenings around in between. 

Mommy thoughts...? Another great book for kids, a basic counting book for early beginners. It counts from 1 to 10 as the apples are being plucked and then counts in reverse from 10-1 as those apples are being added to the pie. What I loved about the rhyme is, the happenings as the rhyme (and of course pie cooking) progresses are very much from kid's life. It also teaches a bit of manners to kids by saying 'Wash you hands', portrays the need and warmth of being and working together 'Family is together'... 

Anne Kennedy has done an excellent work with the drawings. They are lively and I loved the pleasant looks on each person's face. The book isn't a board book, but this is a light weight paper back book and hence very handy.

Liya's love...?  As always, she loves if I rhyme and she 'fills' in the blanks. She is a huge fan of apples. She has been eating one apple almost everyday from 7th month of her birth onwards. So she always love to see apples on her books, as well. She loved the last page where family is sitting together on a table and  eating pie. She 'captured' the boy eating with a spoon (without momma's help) on her brain and since then, she insists me to give her a spoon so that she can eat her food by herself..:)

As we reach the page where mom rolls the dough with a rolling pin, Liya would shout 'Chapati' {an Indian flat bread}, as she knows that's how we make chapati from dough.

** We picked this book from West Seneca Public library. During our last visit to library, I was sad that I could not find good books over there (may be because it's school vacation time). I found this book after hours of search and glad that I found it.

Here is a video link- {not the video of the same book, but good one for beginners} - You Tube

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  1. Sounds like a book that my youngest would like, thanks for the suggestion! New follower from bloggy moms, have a great evening!


  2. I am sure your lil one will like it! Thank you for the follow. Have a great day!


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