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Monday, August 22, 2011

Listening to Somalia...

That was a truly heart-touching fundraising program, the one I attended yesterday right there in the banquet hall of ISNF, which was conducted as a part of collecting Zakat shares towards the cause of relief activities in Somalia. Former Prime Minister of Somalia was explaining the harrowing tales from Somalia and the dreadful situation he has been in while he was holding the PM chair. Even though he personally traveled/begged to every country on the face of earth, to help them come out of the 'hunger', NO one except UAE listened to them. He concluded his speech saying "the condition right there is beyond your imagination and we need to act immediately".

How ironical it is, myself sitting near a table which was getting filled with multiple delicious items to break my fast as it was almost the time up for iftar and my little girl sitting on the next chair,  munching her evening fruit snacks and sipping her banana-milk shake, while the horrifying silhouettes of starving children in Somalia were flashing through the screen!

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  1. :( Ugh... feel so sorry for them!

    Just stopping by to say HI! Have a great MONDAY! :)

  2. Angie - Having a kind heart towards the less-fortunate is a gift! I can feel the kindness in your words.

    Thank you for stopping by and reading.

  3. Since hubby's from Yemen the plight of Somalians have always been a close issue for us.

    As hard as we try,we can never know the depths of human suffering, BUT, the human heart is pure, and it is this that makes it easier to connect to those in need wherever they may be.

    This Ramadan we have focused nore on less. Less food...less self-pity...less consuming of material wealth.

    I hope, inshaAllah, that my children will be able to connect to the reality of the lives of others always.

    Thanks for sharing.


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