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Saturday, December 17, 2011

26 months- what's she upto?

It's been a while since I shared 'Liya updates'. Though, this blog is 'everything' Liya and an 'e' walk through her life, somehow I seem to be pushing things and later missing my schedules. I have been having a tougher time and heap of 'to do' things at home and work, as well. Or sometimes I feel extremely lazy....(ohh..Liya, I didn't say that)!! Anyways, as you know, little Liya is a full-time mischievous, active, happy-to-go, little bundle.

Language: She is developing admirable skills in English, getting more comfortable with grammar, accent and vocab. Malayalam- she is a master in. She learned a lot of colloquial words and slang during our recent trip to India.

Drawing: She continues to be enjoying scribbling and coloring. You can come across a crayon, any corner of the home. She loves to draw 'Liya with Ponny', the most. She draws elephant, hen, duck, squirrel, pappa, mamma, baby, doll, dog... oh.. yeah the list must go on!

Story time: It's been a while since our last visit to Library. In fact we have lost our library card and I need to produce another. So, not reading new books now. Just crawling through our own books. But she is admirably crazy about books. Alhamdulillah!
* We'll be back with our Wednesday Book of the Week series shortly.*

Story Telling: The most exciting thing happened in last month is that, she learned to build stories. Masha Allah. She makes a lot of stories and shares with her little toys... Wow! I will write a detailed post on this sometime this week. I just can't wait to share it on blog!

Eating: She wasn't eating well while in India. But now back to older. Eating well. Loving milk but somehow seems to be not very fascinated by eggs. She is fond of American food that plain rice. She loves spaghetti, pasta and macroni, I guess. Though I don't prepare these at home, I am often surprised to see the quantity she has eaten at daycare.

Daycare: She is absolutely loving it. I am feeling glad for the right decision, Thank God. She is so much of fond of her friends and teachers. She keeps talking about everything she does in the school and what her friends do there. Its worth spending time to listen to her daycare stories.

Colors: She knows yellow (illo color), white (whythe color), black (bla color) and red colors (ded color)...wow!!!

Singing and Dancing: She can dance with any music, she creates songs and dance along. She continue to be singing many songs. Learned a few new from daycare, as well.

Independent Liya: She had almost got rid of doing things herself, when she was in India. There were so many people to 'do things for her' and she had gone very dependent and lazy. But now all in track. She is eating without much help from our side, trying to dress up alone, wears jacket alone and so on...

You might have noticed, I don't upload much pics/videos of Liya these days. In fact I could click very few pictures during our trip to India as well. Culprit is no one other than Liya.

She is so much fond of photography. Earlier she used to only grab the camera. For last few months, if we try to click a photo of her she would grab camera and say "Mamma, I will take your picture, smile please!"

We both are fighting for camera a lot. Whatever is there in my hand, she will need that one only!

That's all, for now! Coming up - updates from daycare.


  1. Great updates! I'm glad that you're raising her to be bilingual. My dad's cousin did that with her kids when they were younger with our family's heritage language, Italian. Not sure how much my cousins remember but I remember being a little envious of them because they were learning it :)

    Telling stories to her toys - sounds like a normal toddler to me. Between that, her drawing, and her photography, I bet she'll be a creative artist when she grows up :)

    Nice to hear that she's doing well in daycare too. She's growing up so fast!

  2. So glad for the updates! She is just so adorable, always wearing a beautiful necklace and a beautiful smile. It's funny how much she likes American food. I'm so glad she's enjoying daycare so much. Kids just love to socialize. Love the pictures of her singing and dancing, too!!!

  3. Loving your blog. Liya is beautiful. Really enjoyed reading your post. Stopping by from Voiceboks!


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