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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things Liya loved in India : People!

Days in India were fabulous days of Liya's life. There are quite a lot of things she loved there and a few things she hated, as well. We 'll tell you one by one.

1) The People
Yes, I said that! The unsocial girl, loved being social and pet of everyone. The best part of being first child is that there will be a lot of people to pamper and watch each step we do as an infant, toddler and pre-schooler. So, you know what it will be if that child is coming home after an year of stay in a country which is far far away! Of course, unimaginably exciting!

Every one back in our home was counting hours to see her. At first sight, though she did not like a lot of people falling over her, kissing on her chubby cheeks and hugging her, soon she started loving it. She enjoyed being the center of attraction. We were expecting her to be silent and cranky at least for few days, but she did knew, identified and loved the company of each and everyone at home. Thanks to video chatting, we did not have to introduce anyone to her. She just knew all of them... How exciting!!!
Naughty Liya scanning through Menu card during a dining outside with family

Out of 3 weeks of our vacation, one week we spent at my parent's home and two weeks with my in-laws. She loved being with her grand parents, aunts, uncles, relatives and neighbors. She loved her cousins the most. She has two cousins- my nephew Hamiz he was just 3 months older then and J's niece Diya she is 5 years old.

When 'I' massaged Hamiz
Like I said before, Liya loved to pamper Hamiz and behaved as if a big sister. With Diya she was bahaving all different. Diya is very sensitive and cries for every this and that. So Liya just loved to pester her... lolz! She grabbed her toys forcefully, wanted her books, slate, her frocks and everything Liya grabbed from Diya. Little Diya, instead of fighting back, simply cried over it, but Liya enjoyed seeing her cry {saddist???} and never wasted any opportunity to pester her..Lolz!
Liya and Diya

The ultimate was happening when J's BIL, Diya's dad makes phone calls. Diya, otherwise she doesn't talk much to dad over phone (though shez dad's girl), wanted to talk but little Liya never allowed Diya to talk to her dad... Come on.. Why should she block her cousin D talking to D's pappa? So, whenever telephone rang at home, we had so much of fun. Both of them fighting for the phone, little Liya talking as if she is the 'rule' maker at home and my MIL within the mess, trying to figure out home to tackle the situation and make both her grand children happy...:)

Liya wanted to scribble in Diya's books, she wanted to do Diya's homework (he he), she did not let Diya wear her frocks but just behaved as if everything at home is hers and only hers...! But Liya just madly love Diya. Her Diyatha was her soul and life during our vacation. She was just walking behind Diya. Indeed we had a great time together.
By the way, one of the thing that we wanted to do before 3, is done. Yay, More to come!

1. Visit India. Enjoy the seamless pampering from grand parents, aunts, uncles and other relatives.


  1. Came by on the Not-So-Moody Monday Blog Hop :-)
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  2. are'nt you a malayalee?

    even though your posts and style seems to be great..

  3. Liya is soooo cute, what an adorable blog MashaAllah. :) <3

  4. Of course she enjoyed being in the center of attention. Honestly, who wouldn't? ;)

    That's interesting that she acted differently around the cousin who's younger than her than she did around the cousin who's older than her. Though my 11 year old cousin is similar: she's an only child and basks in the attention that we adults give her but cooperates and plays with our younger cousins.

  5. I've never been to India but hope to visit the country one day. :) I love the rich culture :)

  6. So cute. Love hearing about her interacting with all her relatives. Precious!

  7. What a lovely post! Semes that Liya knows what she likes! I think she gets her keen sense of observation from you :-)

    Visiting from voiceBoks, lovely to meet you and Liya!

  8. I am really enjoying learning about your trip to India! Of course Liya loved all the attention ;) I love hearing about how much she enjoyed her cousins.

    She is just such a doll!

  9. She is beautiful and it looks like her experiences have been equally lovely. What a great idea to do video chatting in advance to introduce her to everyone. :-) Wishing you and your family a sweet holiday season!

    ~Many Blessings,

    *oh, and congratulations on being a featured member this week at voiceBoks!

  10. Thank you everyone!

    Aziza, April, Shakir - Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your comment.

    Shakir - Yes, I am a Malayali, living in USA. Thank you for the compliment.

    Sarah - That sounds great. Btw, looking forward to new articles from you.

    Ann - I would say you must visit once. The culture, living style everything is different in India..:)

    Shannon - Thank you so much!

  11. Stacey - that's an interesting point to me. Welcome to here and thank you so much for your comment.

    Christina- Glad that you are loving out tales from India.

    Rosann - Thank you!. and yes wishing you and your family a blasting holiday season too.

    And yeah, I am glad to be a featured member in VB. Thank you for your wishes.

  12. What an adventure for a little girl. There's no place like home or being around family! It is the BEST.


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