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Thursday, March 1, 2012

28 Splendid Months...

...Masha Allah!

Let me give you an update on her 'specific behaviors'!

 Determination: I am often amazed at her level of determination. If she decides something to/not to do, nothing in this world can change her mind. Even if I offer a chocolate or ice cream she would just refuse it because she doesn't want to change the 'particular' decision she has already made, merely for an ice cream or chocolate.

Adamant: Don't confuse with 1. She is adamant for weird things. For example, one day she mentioned it 'RED' instead of 'BLUE'. I tried my best to correct her and she already knew that she was wrong. She simply wanted to challenge me and repeated "No, No.. It's RED RED."

Quick Doer: Amazingly quick in doing things. Especially when she talks only we, her friends and teachers can understand because she talks very fast as if she has a train to catch in the very next moment. :P

Motivation driven: Highly... and extremely motivation driven. She will obey anything provided it must arise some motivation/curiosity in her.

Learning Style: She has a very unique learning style. She learns very quickly, tell her once she stores in her memory. But if you ask her in the very next moment she won't be remembering it. Ask her next day or after a few days she will tell you. She can never sits and listens to what you teach. She keeps exploring with her own 'learning items..' and lives and learns in her-own world.. just let her be. 

Independent: Very independent. She can play and live in 'her-own' imaginary world for long time. She'll be telling stories to her toys and imaginary friends... she cooks for them. She teaches them rhymes and do her own things.

Self Centered: Very much. Everything she comes across is her-own. Sharing isn't caring for her.

Possessive: Especially about her Pappa and Momma. The other day we went for a party and J lifted his friend's son. Throughout the party she was clinging to him because she was afraid that her dad will again 'pamper' F uncle's son.

Book Worm: As you already know, books are my biggest weapon at home.  A promise that " I will take you to library is best way to inhibit motivation in her to do a lot of other things."

Unusual Social Behavior: She behaves strangely if we are in a mob. But only if we both are around. If we're not around she talks to everyone nicely, she shows off her American English skills but if we both are there she just turns silent and pamper queen.

Organizer: Really appreciable organizer she is. Of late we have started including her in cleaning the mess she created at home. So every evening we ask her to put all her toys, paints, brushes, crayons, books, flash cards.... and numerous 'play items' back into its designated place. She does very cleanly. If she puts her hand in any silly household chore, she 'll just do it perfectly and neatly. Very impressive girlish behavior, I think.

For all this splendid, complicated behavior, maybe a new dress-up outfit is in order.  Time to look for a sale!


  1. Sounds like she's growing and developing nicely! Thanks for the update!

    1. Yes, I am glad that everything is going smooth so far. Thank you for your visit.

  2. Keep encouraging the cleaning! She'll love it for a couple of years, then look out because she won't want to clean a thing lol! I love that she is so strong-willed. She's such a beautiful girl and her determination will take her far in life.

    I've missed you guys!

    1. Ha ha! A great momma cum granny's message means a lot to me...Let's see how far her cleaning goes, I don't have much hope...:P

      Thank you for your compliments..We love compliments.. lolz!

  3. She sounds like a lot of fun! And what a beautiful smile mash'allah!

    1. Many Thanks Amalia.. Pass our love to Nora.

  4. Wow, that's a lot of milestones. Possessive?? well of course with mommy and baba...no one replaces mom and dad :) Great stuff Liya, you are such a go-getter.I love all your photos.

  5. She is indeed a princess. Blessing to her and her parents. May you all see her growing milestones. Enjoy this time as kids grow up very fast. Take it from a grandma.

  6. She is indeed a princess. Blessings to her and her parents. Enjoy this time as kids grow up very fast. Take it from a grandmother.

  7. MashAllah! Liya is doing really well! Had to smile at the possessiveness!


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