A'udhu billahi mina sh-shaytaanir-rajeem! Bismillah...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You might be having different opinions...
I just don't question you!
I respect your thoughts....
But let me make it clear
Below is my concept on LOVE
and LOVE DAY! 

Stolen from a friend's blog- www.feelislam.com
According to ISLAM real love must start after WEDDING and wedding doesn't remark the end of love (that's how many people perceive wedding). Love is at the best when it's shared among the couples.. It's a precious feeling and a mercy poured from Almighty Allah.

Celebrate real love and treat that special someone.  Look for online coupons for flowers, gifts, or perhaps even a trip together.


  1. Wonderful message you share today with us Nishana. Love is a gift and marriage a precious link between 2 people, a true blessing from God.
    Love the image!!
    Take care my dear and much love to you and Liya!

  2. Assalamu Alaykum,
    I agree with you Nishana =)

  3. Very, very true. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Liya!


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