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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book of the Week ~ Baby Minnie's Treat

Theme: Treats/ Celebrations
Our Pick : Disney Babies: Baby Minnie's Treat, a Book About Signs

What did we learn while we took a stroll with baby Minnie as she was going to grab her treat? Well, we learned about signs. We learned that we must slow down car as it nears any school area and must stop in the stop signal. We also learned that we can get out of car only if the car is parked in the parking lot.

It's a small and simple book. Liya loves Minnie and we loved all the pics in this book. It hardly contains 4-5 pages, but carries a good message and learning for any toddler. I would recommend this book to your child, especially your toddlers..:)


  1. What a cute book (and so pretty Liya!)
    Nora loves Mickey so I'm sure she would love this book.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds good.. I shall suggest the book my nephew too.. Back here after a long time.. Hope Liya and you are doing well. Smiles.. If you are free stop by my blog. 1 & 2

    Someone is Special

  3. Those are the best books when you are learning without realising it!


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