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Monday, May 21, 2012

Here is our plant...

Do you remember that hand-made surprise pot Liya did from daycare? We're here to update you what's happening inside our pot. We're very excited to watch how a plant grow...:)

Our first sprout is out....

Eager to see the world outside... and teach Liya!

Yay! It's growing... The husk is falling off!

Here comes our second baby plant...

Now we've Three...but

Do you see one baby is almost gone... Its leaves are withering. We're sad about it but we don't have time. We have to look after our other babies...

See, one is growing really faster- as eager as little Liya!

This is where we are!
What do we do?

  • We are watering our plant everyday - morning and evening!
  • We are ensuring that our baby plants get enough sunshine!
  • We are carefully watching how each seed grow into flowering plants!
Have you done same/something similar? OR Do you have more simple ideas to make us learn by doing? Please feel free to share with us.


  1. Lovely pictures. We are growing herbs with the same fascination in our kitchen!!! :)

    Liya might enjoy collecting different types of leaves off plants to categorize how they are alike and different: (pointy leaves v. rounded leaves, large vs. small, green vs. multicolored, "fuzzy" vs. smooth, etc)

    1. That's very interesting Karen. I have never thought of this. But yes, next we're going to collect leaves and learn the varieties! We've got two types of baby plants in our pot. Hopefully, we can learn many things from their leaves and stems. Thank you very much Karen.

  2. Great learning experience and fun. Thanks for sharing #voiceboks

  3. This is wonderful, love your beautiful pictures, we have a big garden, and I love it when something starts budding, I an like a kid when my garden starts sprouting.

  4. Oh I feel bad, mine always dried out before it ever sprouted a thing. :-(

  5. how fun!! and the pics are beautiful!!

  6. Lovely. My oldest is taking a gardening class this term so we have a bunch of things growing in our bay window right now

  7. It's so magical to see them grow...seeds and children!

  8. How cool! My mom's the gardener in my family and has been expressing excitement recently over how her flowers are growing and disappointment for the ones that aren't doing very well. Definitely a process.

  9. This is way cool! Love the pictures too.

  10. How sweet! I think there is a lot to learn watching plants growing. I am sure Liya is fascinated by all this.
    Much love to both!

  11. My son and I are having a blast with our gardens - we have in indoor herb garden that we can watch up close everyday, rain or shine and we also have our outdoor gardens. Inside we are growing herbs, which he loves (he loves to just pick a leaf and eat it) and outside we have hebs, fruit and vegetables. It's such a great learning process for the kids! And special "us" time too :-)

  12. Great pictures! I love when I plant seed and the first little hint of green pokes out-it's wonderful to watch life grow.

  13. So fun! We love to watch plants grow. We've also sprouted seed in a ziploc bag to see the roots grow, too.

  14. We have an herb and vegetable garden but we always grow some in the kitchen. We like to have them right there to throw in the pot while we're cooking. I love your pics and you are teaching Liya valuable lessons on being responsible and caring for something from start to finish. Thanks for sharing!

  15. We grow some herbs in the kitchen as well. It is really amazing to watch how they grow everyday. Wonderful photos.


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