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Friday, September 13, 2013

Things to do when Pappa is away!

Pappa is away for nearly a week, Momma and girl are left back in Hyderabad, busy planning the move. It's for the first time Liya is away from Pappa for this long. She misses him  so much, no we both do.

Liya suggested that we girls will party hard when he is away. Pink Party! We ate so much of ice creams, biriyanis and Pizzas. Yay!

We had Yummy Berry- Berry treat at Hazel, L's favorite ice cream shop.

The unlimited pizza lunching at US pizzas was fun. All pics below are taken by Liya. Some of them came out really nice. I think "just happened by mistake"... :) Taken with Momma's iphone, experimenting the "zoom" feature she just learnt.

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