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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Reconciler

Just after we landed in Bangalore, J was looking for new SIM card for both of our phones. Unfortunately, you can not use the SIM cards across states in India, without roaming charges. So, every time you move across the country, you are more likely to get a new number!

Of course I wanted a fancy number. He has been behind many vendors and did not come across any good numbers. Finally, he got two SIM cards. Both the numbers were same except for a single digit.

Somehow, I did not like the number. I did not feel that the numbers are easy to remember. It's not easy to get a fancy number in a country where 1.2 plus billion people live... lol!

I was whining on having to go with such "not so fancy" number. L was watching all these discussions and finally jumped into my lap and said..

"Momma, look his number is having 8 and yours too having. So, it's a good number.."

I had to just stop whining and laugh aloud!

Finally, the Reconciler won, I am living with the same number!

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