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Thursday, February 27, 2014

10 things

10 things that I am grateful for this week...
  1. In laws are on a short visit. Girl is ecstatic and we are glad!
  2. J's move to new office building which is very close our apartment
  3. Biriyani over last weekend.  
  4. Liya went on a nature walk adventure from the school
  5. Islamic lecture we attended
  6. Housemaid is back after a short vacation
  7. Relaxing week at work 
  8. Chilly pepper saplings we planted
  9. Girl's favorite chocolate cake we baked together
  10. Super sunny weather


  1. It's so simple to bypass the little things isn't it?
    Glad you had a relaxing week at work!

  2. Glad you shared your list with us Nishana. And that you had such a sweet week!
    Take care.

    1. Thanks Marie... :) Glad to see Mr. P growing in to a little man! Enjoy the fun...


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