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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 12

Day 75: Butter chicken - Had some guests over breakfast and I cooked butter chicken curry to go with rice pathiris. 
Never before I made butter chicken at breakfast because it takes a lot of time to cook. Little girl said me "Mama, this is not a breakfast curry. This is meant to eat at dinner.

Day 76: Little teacher is busy teaching students about frog's life cycle. Look at the diversity of the students. 
Day 77:  Mint leaves growing in our kitchen balcony pot. 
 Day 78: Know what? I love these little girls. These make awesome friends at park. Liya with her friends N and S.
 Day 79: Do you like to munch on a steamed sweet corn? We do! Ready to be steamed and serve with evening milk/tea. 
 Day 80: Liya's progress report is home today. Good progress in the final term of the academic year. We have to attend Parents - Teachers Meeting on Monday. School is going to be closed for holidays in two weeks. yay!

Day 81: I always wonder why kids like to climb up a slider than sliding down. This girl is no different. Kids are so funny, aren't they?

How did your week go? 

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  1. That Butter Chicken is making me feel hungry - looks fab #365

  2. If there's a slide that can be walked up, then it should be! Rules are meant for breaking when you're a child :-)

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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