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Sunday, March 9, 2014

You know you parent a preschooler when...

...every discussion in your household goes around standing lines and sleeping lines.

Liya said, I saw A's granddad's office. "Where is that?" asked mum. "Super easy! Get out from my school,  you go on a sleeping line for sometime, then take a standing line. On the right you see his office". All clear, did you get it?

L: My friend 'G' wants to come to our home and so I explained her the way. But her mom is not understanding it. "

How did you explain the way...? Asked mum.

"From the school go on sleeping line, then take a semi circle and go on a sleeping line again. I will be waiting outside the complex."!!! 

No wonder G's mum did not understand the way!

"Mumma, could you please make "sleeping line pasta" today?" She meant penne pasta!!!

P.S: Sleeping line, standing line, slanting lines, curves etc. are used extensively by preschools to help kids develop prewriting skills. Many schools begin with pattern writing, tracing etc. before getting children write. This link might be interesting to you, if you parent a preschooler.


  1. Lool that's cute.. So if I am getting it right ; sleeping line is a straight line/road?.. Just being curious

    1. Standing line is a vertical line and sleeping line is a horizontal line... these are used extensively by preschools to get kids starting on writing alphabets, for easy learning experience...:)

  2. Oh my goodness, she is hilarious...always has been. Where did she even get this idea?

    1. I guess all these little ones are born with hell lot of ideas..:)


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