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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 31

Day 208: At Kerala to celebrate Eid with family. It's been pouring down like anything. Look at the flower from MIL's collection.
Day 209: Henna decoration on hands to celebrate eid on next day. Mummy's "art" on little hands.
Day 210: Girl on her Eid special outfit; all set to head to eid gah (prayer ground) to attend prayer.

Day 211: Back to Bangalore to find our plants drying off from not watering for 4 days!
Day 212: Girl's drawing after finishing our eid special craft.
Day 213: Girl's work from the school received today. I am proud of my daughter!
Day 214: Cleaning day and we pasted Safety tips poster for little reader to read and learn.

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  1. wow that Henna art is truly beautiful x

  2. Lovey photos. The henna designs are beautiful and I love her special outfit for Eid. And, as always, wonderful art work from your little artist x

    1. Thank You Sara. Liya says Thanks for your comment on her art! ;)

  3. Love the art work on her arms the detail is amazing. Her dress is beautiful, I hope she enjoyed the day. What a shame about your plants, I hope they recover

    1. Thank you Elaine...

      Plants are recovering and I am glad over it. :)

  4. Love the henna, beautiful! #Project365


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