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Saturday, December 5, 2009

My first day in the world

I was really hungry right after my birth. The doc was busy in taking my apgar report, and sisters were cleaning me up. I thought, I should not cry as I wanted to be "bold and strong". I had no way to show my hunger, just can't speak, my mom was in operation theatre. So I put my fingers in my mouth and started licking my finger. My grand parents says my fingers were in my mouth, and I had opened my eyes looking all around (as if I am seeing the world) when I was handed over to them. My paternal grandma received me from the doc. Then my dad recited Azaan in my ears. My paternal granny gave a drop of Zam Zam water on my lips. Doc had weighed me and I was 3.180Kg and 51 cm taller when I was born.

I got my first feeding once my mom's surgery got over. Then, I slept through the day. I just didn't care about the people who came to see the 'little me'. I opened my eyes and licked my fingers whenever I felt hungry and continued my sleep after each feeding.

My first ever photograph taken few minutes after my birth.

Shh.. I am not sucking my fingers..:-)

..Hello world, let me sleep now...

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