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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I AM..

I am S____  Liya_ means Soft Breeze, and my parents call me Liya. Born as grand daughter of Mr Abdul A__z and Mrs.Jam__a and Mr.M__a and Mrs.Zu__a, and daughter of Jaz__ and Nish__, on Sunday 11th Oct 2009, at 12.37AM, at MIMS hospital Kottakkal, Kerala. My birth weight was 3.180Kg and length was 51cms.
I am the first grand child in my mom's family and a child born after 15 years in the house. I am the first grand child in Narikuth family - that's my dad's- as well-child born after 23 years. So as you guess I am the most loved, most cared one..
Through this blog, I would like to share all the interesting things about me as I grow up. I hope you will enjoy it.

Read here, my mom writing about her eventful year passed by expecting me.

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