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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Late night visit to a hospital

Few days back, while having dinner I felt dizziness, fatigue and body turned to be very weak. We decided to go to doc immediately. It was almost 10.30 PM when we got out of house.  Liya seems to be really excited to go out unexpectedly. She got ready really fast, worn her jacket, shoes etc with great enthusiasm.

We were worried how would she spend time in hospital. It was already her bed time, but her big eyes were awake with happiness. The hospital was 'high' rated one in Buffalo, so had a really impressive and warm ambiance. Unlike Er departments in India, this was extremely hygienic, well maintained and vast. Nobody was rushing with bleeding people on stretchers, no heartbreaking scenes, no beep beep of life saving machines, no docs or nurses were running from bed to bed.
The pin drop silence did not suit the impression I had about hospitals. Liya extremely enjoyed the visit to a new place, her sound was echoing and breaking the 'pin drop' silence of hospital. She ran here and there, pulled out news papers, pushed dust bins, she gave a naughty look and smile to security guards.

She pushed 'wet floor/caution /closed' boards and placed in wrong areas. She went to news paper shelf and shuffled news papers together and finally sighed  as if 'hmmm, finally everything is well organized by me..' She scanned through the floor to find anything which meant to be in 'dust bin'. She found few chewing gum covers etc and placed in dust bin, ignoring her Pappa's request to get away from those.

She went to coffee vending machine and pointed with super excitement  "chaaya" means Tea in Malayalam. She spent lot of time in front of water fountain in the lobby and uttered in happiness 'vella vella... (water, water)'..

She went inside the revolving entrance gate and fortunately J was able to push her out from it in the next moment. She laughed, giggled and played with Mansoor uncle's (J's friend) cell phone... She made night feel like a beautiful day..

She was not allowed inside the Er department so that I was gone to doc alone. She often ran to the door and screamed 'Mamma..' If someone opened the door, she ran to it expecting to see me there.

When she was allowed inside, she did not like that the nurse connected lot of 'cables' on my body. She did look sad when nurse gave me a test shot.

It was almost 2.30 when we got back to home. I was so proud of my little girl, she appeared so much matured for a 16 month old. Did understand the situation, did not make any chaos, did not trouble both of us.. She gives us such a hassle free, pleasant life.. Love you so much... Be as brilliant, as sweet, as smart as this always...

I am a lucky mom to have you in my life....:)


  1. Nice depiction...
    May almighty bless u,j and ur little angel



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