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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Liya loves Biriyani!

It was such a long since I made Biriyani. After last eid, I did not prepare at all. So over weekend, I got an idea of making biriyani. I kept saying Liya that I am gonna prepare biriyani today. Looked like she loved the word. She tried to repeat it.
When I served her food, she emptied the plate in few minutes. She really enjoyed it. Yesterday, as she was talking over phone with her grand parents, they asked her whether she had her break fast, she replied 'amm ammm mimeemi'. She was recalling the food she had on previous day.

At night, usually I prepare her rice mixed with lot of vegetables and sprouts. As she saw the colorful food she asked me ' mimeemi eee?' (Is it biriyani)!! She is no doubt that a Malabari- loving biriyani and beef is our trademark and she very well follows that rule..:)

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