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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An evening walk

At last, looks like spring has already reached in Buffalo. All snow heaps melted away, weather is getting better everyday. People started coming out from houses for after noon walks, kids are coming to play area. I saw lots of kids playing in the play area, thought it would be good idea to take Liya for a walk.

She was looking through the window and shouting at every kid walked by. She is all excited to see green color everywhere. Moreover, lots of animals like deers, dogs, squirrels, cats etc have came out of their shelter and wandering in the lawn. Lots of unknown birds and crows are flying by. She is jumping with excitement, waving to them and asking to come near her.

This is her first walk 'in the soil of USA'. For first time she is walking on her on 'feet' in outdoors. She walked all the way from our apartment till the play area and back. She did not allow me to hold her hand or to even walk along with her. She was walking a lot behind me and followed me. If I stop at any point, she also stopped and did not move at all. She wanted to play in the water which came out from melted snow. She saw kids in the play area, uttered 'beebi' and ran to them.

She was walking with all pride, was watching each small thing around her carefully. She went for a second time walk with J after he came from office. She was all tired and hungry by the time she got back home. But I could see the happiness of getting relieved from the 'snow prison' on her face.

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