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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fiery Friday :: Impish deed of the week

Every Friday, I will (try to) share, one (or more) naughtiest activity Liya did/learned 'particularly' through the week. I am sure it would be fun to watch how does 'impishness' build up, as kids grow. So stay tuned!

Naughtiest activity of this week?

Liya believes that we should microwave everything before we eat/use it. My MO is placed on a side table, if she stretches herself to stand on her toes, she can easily 'handle' it. Of late, she keeps everything I give her, in oven, including her toys, fruits, juice etc . If I don't keep it in the Oven in front of her, she would scream and made the home a hell.  :D

Yesterday, I gave her some chopped 'dates' in a 'stainless steel' bowl and she got angry that I did not keep it in the oven. I tried to make her understand that we can not use a stainless steel bowl with MO. Who cares for that? She did not let me to transfer into a MO safe bowl. Kids in this era are born with so much of attitude, I guess. She was just determined about her 'need'. Finally, I had to keep it in the MO, then she demanded I should turn it ON. She told "Mammaa ooON".

That's dangerous. She doesn't understand it, she doesn't forget it even if I try to deviate her attention.
Moms have to smarter these days, should always be equipped with tactics- that's my greatest learning from my kid so far!

How did I tackle this 'situation'? Well, I took a cup of milk, told her that I am gonna give you this. Quickly I drew her attention to something else, and in that moment, I removed the stainless bowl from oven and kept the milk instead, hid the date's bowl, I turned it ON. Once it is done she wanted to open it, herself. But I anticipated what is gonna happen if she sees milk instead of dates. So I drew her attention to something else again, and in a second, I exchanged the milk and bowl! All safe and cool!

But I am sure that this trick won't work out next time, because she will have some crazy idea on her brain. So points to ponder (for mom)
- shift MO to a safer place where she can't reach without help!
- always serve her food in a MO safe bowl!

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  1. Liya, you are a funny girl.
    Nishana...I would move it higher, even my big kids give me a headache when it comes to using the microwave.

    Do you use one in India? We don't in Egypt...

  2. @Salma @ Chasing Rainbow
    Oh, even big kids are giving headache...! That's crazy!

    The ovens coming as a part of the 'stove' as we see in USA and Canada is not popular in India. But yes I do use Oven in India. We can buy as a separate unit if we want, we would get different models, like basic, grill, convection etc.

  3. @Danyale N.
    Many Thanks for dropping by. Will visit you blog, insha Allah!


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