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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A wound on the elbow and pain in the heart!

Darling Liya,

See the pic, do you know what is it all about..? I am sure you would be knowing it now, but may not be after few months (Insha Allah)! This is the first injury you ever had on your body (forget about  the needle pricks you had at NICU- you were too young to express your emotions).
Showing off her wound..:)

This happened 2 weeks ago. It was a bright and warm day - a super comfort day after so many rainy and windy days of spring. You were rushing to playground with a ball in a hand, did not let mamma or pappa hold your hand. You were enjoying every bit of freedom at outside. You fell down as you were running and I saw dust on your elbow and wiped it. You screamed for few seconds then hopped  onto kid's slide. Pappa asked me to check if you were injured, but you did not let me (you were busy with playing and watching kids play). We spent almost 2 hours there, you played in the sand, heaped up pebbles spread beneath the playground slide and blew it, splashed through the small puddles formed due to heavy rains...!

We got back home nearly 2 hours of play, you were all thrilled and reinvigorated. All your happiness drastically dropped when your Pappa found and informed me that you were having a small wound on your elbow. I know you heard it, it didn't fall on your ears but deep in your heart. You began whimpering for no reason- lifting your elbow up and searching for wound. Slowly, your weeping turned into fretful screaming and you could no way stop it. I cleaned it and wrapped a band aid around it but your grief sharpened.  The bandage adhered to your elbow reminded you about the 'injury' and you simply wanted to sob,  as you realized that something 'unusual' has happened to you. Even while you were sleeping, I could hear you mewling and you had kept your elbow lifted upward. You did not like the idea of 'band aid' and I was forced to removed it and you seemed relieved.

The next day when your grand parents appeared on video chat you lifted your elbow up and shown them as well. Even today you (after 2 weeks) did the same without knowing that it has already been healed and no sign of wound left there. At times, you lift your 'other' hand a show off, because you have forgotten where the wound was...lol!

Yesterday, you fell down again and this time your right knee has a wound- but you are super cool and actually 'celebrating' it- you let me clean it properly and cover with a band aid. Brave girl...way to go!



  1. Oh, I had no idea that Liya was hurt. MashaAllah, kids are resilient. I am sure there will be many stumbles...she is a strong girl.

    I love the way you write to her.

  2. Salma,

    Like I mentioned it was a small wound, but the 'feeling' of being injured was more painful for her than the wound itself..:)

    Yeah, stumbles are unavoidable in every kids life as those stumbles help them grow stronger!

  3. Love ya Liya....*hugs n kisses*

  4. vadakkanachaayan said... Thank you so much!


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