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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's go interactive ~ Fisher Price Online Activities and Games


Hi There,
This week we spent quality time with fun filled, interactive games and activities at Fisher Price website. They have got bunches of interesting activities for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. We were playing infants games as I found the toddler's games sort of complex for Liya's age.

 Laugh & Learn™ Animal Fun Game was her favorite. She loves reading and playing 'everything animals' and this was a perfect one for her.

What's interesting there..? This is a keyboard based game. Press ANY key, an animal will pop up, press ANY key again, you will hear the sound that the animal makes and again press a key, you will get to hear the name of the animal. A perfect, fun packed learning stuff for kiddus. Liya loved 'banging' on the keyboard. A simple mommy advice, you need to sit with baby and guide through 'soft banging ideas' else, your keyboard won't last long, because your kid is gonna super excited to see the after effects of his/her banging. All the best!
Mamma, That's a goat!

They are quite a few fun games available. Liya loved the baby gymnastic and pee-a-book games, as well. She was overwhelmingly excited to see animals appearing, disappearing and changing as she presses keys.  She was whooping with laughter whenever she saw the elephant stretching its trunk, in the laugh and learn game.

Click here and enjoy your Mommy and Me moments!
** If your kids love to hear animal sounds, do check this video in YouTube, I am sure they are gonna enjoy it like anything.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Interesting Idea I love when my grand kids take over my computer.
    New follower, hope you follow back.

  2. It looks like both you and Liya had fun!! I love some of the fisher price toys! The farm is a great one, all my kids loved it and it was great to work on animal sounds and simple senteces. I love that you could then expand the play with the computer!!! Thanks for a great post!!! Have a great weekend!!

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  4. Greetings !
    I unfortunately I wish they had these kind of things when my kids were young ( Wow I am making my self sound old.. LOL I am on 36.. that is still very young right? ! LOL ) Though if we did have them I was not aware of them.. in fact I am lucky I had internet then to be honest with you.. it was all about dial up! My kids are now 17 (soon to be 18) 12 and 10. I am talking about when they were babies... very little. Specially my 17 year old !
    Though you have a beautiful blog! I am following you via VB blog!

    When you get the chance please come over and visit The EMT Mommy at http://www.theemtmommy.com


  5. It's funny how technology has changed learning,don't you think?

    Have fun Liya.

  6. Baby online games, brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I so want to wake Little Bit up and show him these, hehe.

  7. Granny Bonnie --> That sounds interesting. I am glad to link up with a granny. I am sure your blog will have a lots to say about upbringing children as you are not just a mom but a granny of 4. Thank you for following.

    Kathy --> Yes, I love fisher price toys too. I am glad that you found this post interesting.

    Jennifer --> Welcome to Princess Liya's world. Glad that you are here. We hope we found it interesting. We are waiting to hear from you as well.

    Kirsten --> I am not sure if online interactive learning was available those many years back. But I am sure every generation have gone through some interesting learning means of that time. So no need to worry.

    I am still one of those 'outdated mommies' who doesn't support Tv and PC time for kids. I do spent some time for online learning for Liya, but it is very much under my monitoring and for moderated duration.

    Salma --> Yes definitely Technology has changed the 'learning from top to bottom'. It has made learning more fun oriented not just mugging and vomiting in the answer sheets.

    Amy --> Aaahaa! Happy that you found it useful. Good luck with 'learning by doing' experiments with little one.

  8. Follower from Monday Mingle! Technology is an important skill at such a young age!


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