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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan Updates

This is my second Ramadan with little Liya, but first one in USA. Her first ever Ramadan was in Hyderabad, India.
As per the tradition of Indian muslims, we clean up entire house and household items on the previous day of Ramadan, some people do it on 15th day of Shabaan (the month before Ramadan). You might be  wondering what's the relation between house cleaning and fasting. But I personally feel that it is a simple and beautiful way to welcome Holy month to our home, minds and life. It also indicates the need of cleaning our inner minds along with the surroundings.
Pathiri (thin rice pan cakes) before thawing

I began cleaning few days before Ramadan and honestly, I dropped it half way. I cleaned our windowpanes and after few minutes I found it embellished with banana pulp. {I had given a banana for Liya to eat, she skinned and rubbed it all over the windowpane.} I cleaned the carpet using stain remover and strawberry stains appeared in less than 5 minutes,  cleaned up few of the utensils and few minutes later I had to pick the spoons, forks, glasses etc up from different shelves and rooms. So, you know why did I give up, I was forced to..., I had no choice..:) I badly missed my domestic maid Aamina. Last year, she had cleaned the entire house (every knook and corner) without any order/request from my end.
Liya's favorite - Pathiri and Khurma on her small plate

Now that days are longer in US, we are fasting almost 16 hours a day and sleeping less than 4 hours at night, Liya has changed her nap and eating plans, as well. First day, she got up for Suhoor (Sahari- the traditional meal time in Ramadan before dawn) and demanded for chicken and pathiri (thin rice pan cakes, which is the speciality of north Malabar, Kerala). For Suhur, I had prepared Pathiri and chicken Korma. (Korma is a mildly spiced chicken curry enriched with creamy coconut, prepared without red chilly powder, coriander powder etc). She had been sleeping from 4pm of previous day and finished 12 hour course that she was pretty active and did not let J to take rest after Fajr (dawn) prayer.
Iftar time

Everything else is going fine, Alhamdulillah (Thanks to God), except Liya's food timings. She has been adhering to a healthy and organic meal plans from 6 months of her birth onwards, but now it has been altered. That's because I am not eating at day time and she doesn't want either.
Yesterday, I prepared few steak cutlets. She fell in love with the cutlets. I prepared very few, as I do not think it is a healthy habit to have deep fried goodies after long day fasting. But she was craving for it, even though it got over. During iftar (breaking the fast) her eyes were gleaming in happiness as varieties of goodies were there on the table (..to mess up). She stirred through the fruits custard, tried to serve in bowls, messed up the sabudana (small, opaque pearl tapioca) kheer, squeezed strawberries, bit on the peaches, spilled a cup of mango juice in the carpet..and so on...

She is very keen to listen to Quran and watch (sometimes pray along) the long nightly prayers. Masha Allah!

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  2. I miss my Mom's Pathiri this time.
    A well written ramadan post.

  3. Salam,
    Hope she is not helping you with the making of the paththiri!!It would be real fun!!!


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