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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Story of the Week ~ Little Red Riding Hood

We are glad to share one of our favorite online story on 'Little Red Riding Hood'. I'm sure you are already familiar with this European fairy tale about a young girl and a bad wolf. I've read somewhere that, this story has different versions, being told in different parts of the world, with conflicting climaxes.

We are gonna see a simple, interactive story and its video version. Liya loves to listen to this story at Bristish Council website. This is a cute and lovely version, with very little 'clicks' and it has got subtitles in English.
The story advances as Little Red Riding Hood goes to meet her granny and on her way she meets a bad wolf who talks in friendly tone but actually wants to 'eat her up'.  This story teaches about the 'use' of different organs in our body, through the conversation between the wolf and the little girl. For example, the big ears are 'to better hear you with' big eyes are 'to better see you with' etc.
One down side I felt is that this interactive module can not be viewed in full screen. Also, wolf's voice sounded really rude *at least I felt so*.

Click here and enjoy the story with your little one.

Note: I apologize for not sharing our regular 'Book of the Week' review. As you already know, we are going through the holiest month and I am struggling to cope up with work, little bug and fasting. Moreover, in this month, we are obliged to spend more time in spiritual way, by increasing our good deeds and charity, prayers/supplications and seeking forgiveness from Almighty. So, we were not reading any specific book through the week. Also, I am getting Liya to start learning Qura'n, as well. *of course, in bits and pieces.*
 I may not be able to meet my usual timelines with blogging, but the posts which are already been scheduled (like our travel stories) might appear on time (Insha Allah). Thank you for bearing with us.

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  1. Happy Fasting - I hope you receive the forgiveness and spiritual warmth that you seek.

  2. Your newest follower from the "mingle with me" hop. Hope you can stop by sometime. ~ Yolanda

  3. Take care of yourself. I too amd trying to focus on our home, and I am not even working right now outside the home.

    Liya, shukran for sharing your story with us.

  4. Thanks for sharing this story with us and your own story about your spirituality. I wish you luck getting through this challenging time and hope you end up stronger for it!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  5. It so nice that at any point of age, we can all relate to the story of little red riding hood, since it has deifferent versions that suit different age. i wish i could be reminded to share those with my kids in the future. lots of stories and fantasies. fun and exciting! cheers.


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