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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book of the Week ~ Ten Little Monkeys: Jumping on the Bed

I am sure this book doesn't need any introduction- it is one of those classics which kids of all age immediately fall in love with.

Liya had a great time reading this book and of course exploring the 'holes' in each page. As you know, this traditional rhyming and sing along book not only gives fun time to your toddler, but also help her develop number skills. This is a lightweight board book and hence very handy for a toddler.

The bouncing illustrations are fun to watch out, but some places illustrations were kind of cluttered or vague.

Liya loves monkeys and she loves JUMPING on the BED.. that's her favorite time pass. Hence she was glad to sing about the monkeys who were jumping on the bed and playing. I must say, this was an  'inspirational' one for her...lol!

Video version: There are so many out there, sharing one that Liya loved the most.

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  1. Hi Nishana, thanks for following my blog. It is so nice to see Liya enjoying her book. I am also big on books for babies and toddlers and my daughter Samaira also loves the classics like The very hungry caterpillar and the Dr Suess Books. Earlier there were not much books for kids in India but now the scenario has changed and there are so many options. I love reading your blog and the pics that you upload. god bless you both.

  2. Books, books, books - our shelves are lined with them. Our daughters are avid readers and it all started with 5 Little Monkeys! Liya is just so precious.


  3. She is just so adorable! I love all the pictures with your book reviews =). I was actually just singing this rhyme to my kids the other day. They are way too big to be jumping on the bed - but they were haha.

  4. my son loves the song, we singing it in the car all the time.xxx great blog

  5. Salam alaikum Liya.
    What a great story to share with us. I love monkeys jumping on the bed. I think Rainbow does too.

    Thank you for sharing your story,, and great photos with us.

  6. Assalamu Aleykum sister,

    MashALLLAH it seems like a lot of fun!Lol at the doctor in the video, sooo cute.

    btw I love Liya's outfit :)

    Lot of love

  7. ten little monkeys.. hmm the title sound good.. btw how you managed to click such sweet snaps.. Love it.. Liya is super cute.. Happy Weekend..

    Someone is Special

  8. My daughter enjoys watching a video of "Monkeys jumping on the Bed" on youtube. I have not yet found the book, but when I do, my little bundle of joy would be so happy.


  9. One of our favorite all-time stories! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!


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