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Friday, October 21, 2011

[Toddler Talk] That's a Monkey!

It happened a few months ago. J and Liya were in the park for their evening playtime. There was a boy playing on the monkey bars. He was abruptly moving across the bars and he did somersaults and some naughty moves, as well. Little Liya was watching him very closely.

The boy, while playing on the bars shouted at his mom - see momma, I play like a monkey...hey I am a monkey etc as he was very excited for his 'achievements'. Poor Liya had never seen a monkey alive till then, all she saw were the pictures in her books. She mistook as if the boy is actually a monkey...lolz!
Source- inmagine.com
It seems, she began shouting to J "Pappa look at that monkey" and laughed aloud. This is really embarrassing, isn't it? J somehow made her silent and took her back home. The next few days, the boy was present at the park, whenever we visited. Though he wasn't playing on monkey bars, she shouted "monkey"... She was so excited for seeing monkey alive and we had constant embarrassment and had to take her back home. Our all attempts to convince her "it is a cute boy, not a monkey" fell on deaf ears. Fortunately, the boy and his mother never heard her shouting. Thank God.

I don't know how people in US treat it if somebody calls "monkey" on your face. In India, I am sure people will get offended in such situations. Many consider it as insulting them as monkeys are not a symbol of handsomeness or beauty{he he, sounds strange, right ;)}

Later on, we did not see the boy and momma on the playground...*sigh*!


  1. Here in the US, I've noticed that it depends on who's calling you a monkey and in what context. For example, some people might call their enemies a monkey as an insult, I think in reference to hairy or ugly monkeys. At the same time, some parents use monkey as a nickname for their kids, I think in reference to how good-natured some appear to be.

    Hopefully if the mother ever talked to you and J about Liya, she would have understood when you explained that Liya is a toddler who's never seen a real live monkey and who heard the boy call himself a monkey. I know I would have understood. :)

  2. That was really funny! Loved Liya a lot.

  3. Haha! Liya has a great sense of humor (unknowingly of course). Here in the US, it depends on individual. Liya is such a young baby, I don't think people would be offended.

  4. Ha ha ha, OMG that is too funny.
    You know what I like about blogs? These are the funny snippets that we can share, that we would not share in a baby book per se.
    I love it.

    Liya, you are a funny girl.

    {I know what you mean about the offense, I hope the other parent didn't feel that way}.

    Salam alaikum.

  5. Liya thanks alot for joining me,and thanks for the comment,your that post is really good:)

  6. Nishana thanks alot for joining me,such an honor,very warm welcome to you on my blog


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