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Saturday, December 24, 2011

What's happening in daycare!


It's Liya here. I am here to give you some updates from my daycare. Well, as you know, I love being there.  I have so many friends over there. Sebastian is my naughty friend, I keep using his name very often, especially when I play with my dolls. During our vacation in India, everyone used to tease me calling 'Sebastian'...lolz!

A few days ago, I slapped Sebastian (shh,, Ms Jena didn't know about it) and I don't talk about him at home anymore these days. Momma tried to find out if it is true that I fought with him. She had no clue why did I do so, and I didn't tell either. Though she asked Ms Jena about it, Ms Jena laughed and said "No, never.. Liya is a nice girl. She won't do that, and it didn't happen at all". I gave some clues to mamma. She could not make wild guesses, but she got to know that it's a very 'light' fight between us just for a book in our book center. It was so trivial that even Ms. Jena didn't notice it. How smart I am!!!
All set to go!

Then, I have so many other friends, Morgan is my sweet friend now. I play with Myla and Cameron aslo. Ashruth is another cutest friend of mine. I often sing "Aaashuth, myla, camoon, morgi, sebastian.." because I love them so much. I love Ms Angela too - I call her Ms Anthela (poor me, I am yet to pick up pronunciation of some letters). I have few more friends too- Ryan, Lilyana, Tremor...

I was missing Ms Angela and Ms Jena a lot, during our vacation. One day, while Momma was putting me for sleep, I was simply not sleeping and she asked me why am I not. I said "I want a sweet kiss from Ms. Jena".  As I get back from daycare, I keep talking about what happened in daycare "Ms Angela said this, Ms Jena did that, Sebastian was crying, Ashruth was sleeping, Myla is a good girl, Well done darling Liya etc..."
A turkey!!!!
I learned a lot of songs, stories, games etc at daycare.  I learned about different cultures and holidays, too. I ask too many questions at home. Just too many questions. Momma goes nuts because she won't have any idea what am I asking about. Yeah, what can she say if I ask her "Why was Morgy crying? or Where did Ms Angela go, or Who grabbed frosty man's book? etc"

We made a turkey with paper, I brought it home and made my Momma to paste it on my wall. I get reminded of my friends and teachers when I am at home. I feel so happy for it.
Gifts from my teachers and friends!

There are much more things happening over there. I'll tell you later, Insha Allah *God willing*!


  1. Sounds wonderful! I'm glad that you are making friends and enjoying daycare, Liya! I look forward to hearing more.

  2. I love the update Liya! I am so glad you are loving daycare. It is so much fun, isn't it?

  3. Hello! I'm following you from VoiceBoks! I'm following you through Facebook, Google+, GFC, and StumbleUpon.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Much Love,

  4. These are the days you will remember the rest of your life---at least that's what everyone tells me. Enjoy her sweet musings and thanks for sharing!


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